NetWare 3.12

Runs on: 386-based PC or above

The NetWare 3.12 network operating system (NOS) enables users of the same or different desktop operating systems to share file, print, and other services. Its design is based on the 32-bit 386 and 486 architectures, providing a foundation of speed and reliability. In many cases, you can install a NetWare 3.12 network for thousands of dollars less than a minicomputer or mainframe system, yet it provides comparable processing power, functionality, and reliability. The modular design of NetWare 3.12 enables you to configure it for use in many different computing environments.

Computing Environment and Common Uses

In multivendor computing environments, NetWare 3.12 provides a high- performance network services platform. The NetWare 3.12 NOS supports all key desktop operating systems, including Windows, UNIX, OS/2, Mac OS, and DOS; and it supports connection to virtually any minicomputer or mainframe. With NetWare 3.12, you can get the most out of your file, print, messaging, and application resources by making all of them accessible to all of the clients on your network.

The NetWare 3.12 NOS can be used with almost any other Novell product. For example, by using the NetWare 3.12 NOS with NetWare for SAA, you can extend NetWare services for interoperability with IBM hosts.

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