Router Basics

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Context sensitive

Example #3: User EXEC mode, partial command

RouterName> s?
*s=show set show slip systat

% Type "show ?" for a list of subcommands

RouterName>show ?

  clock          Display the system clock
  dialer         Dialer parameters and statistics
  exception      exception informations
  flash:         display information about flash: file system
  history        Display the session command history
  hosts          IP domain-name, lookup style, nameservers, and host table
  location       Display the system location
  modemcap       Show Modem Capabilities database
  ppp            PPP parameters and statistics
  queue          Show queue contents
  queueing       Show queueing configuration
  rmon           rmon statistics
  rtr            Response Time Reporter (RTR)
  sessions       Information about Telnet connections
  snmp           snmp statistics
  tacacs         Shows tacacs+ server statistics
  terminal       Display terminal configuration parameters
  traffic-shape  traffic rate shaping configuration
  users          Display information about terminal lines
  version        System hardware and software status

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